Opera Singer Emiliano Barragán-Géant, Lyric Baritone

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An Unorthodox Recital for Coloratura Baritone and Harpsichord

A bold baroque recital by a coloratura baritone, Händel Insólito re-imagines the legacy of the ancestral operatic arias and revives their essence with refreshing energy and spontaneity.

Emiliano Barragán-Géant mischievously hijacks the repertoire of the most emblematic voices like castrati, soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto, and basses. Departing from the virility that the baritone voice portrays, he introduces new layers of colors, subtleties, nuances, agility, and flexibility that are commonly associated only with female voices and often missed in the male vocal technique and performance.

Inspired with the idea to create a unique recording entirely on his own, which would portray each single musical idea and detail as felt and understood by him, Emiliano Barragán-Géant uses an ample musical knowledge - not only as a singer and a composer but as a trained classical pianist. He re-writes and plays new transcriptions for harpsichord for most of the arias. The goal and intention is to resemble an orchestra comprised of harpsichords and the intimacy that their sounds evoke.

In some cases each orchestral part was recorded in real time at the Yamaha NU1 keyboard individually and then merged in studio to assure that no notes, rhythm or melodic interaction would be missed as it is often the case with conventional orchestral reductions for piano. Each line was painstakingly assembled along with the cadences which were also recorded separately and individually. These were mixed to create one of the most powerful, accurate and brilliant performances an orchestra consisting of harpsichords could do. The voice was recorded after each aria accompaniment was entirely finished and rehearsed for weeks.

Immerse yourself in this profound atmosphere and embark on a captivating journey through the realm of Händel's genius!